Dear President Martin, Dean Boykin-East, Dean Fatemi, and AAS President Tania Dias,

I hope this letter reaches you well. Briana Hanny and I are writing on behalf of a number of students on campus who met after the Tuesday (11/27) meeting to discussed the proposed moves for the Women’s Center and Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) in Keefe Campus Center. This letter, however, is specifically in regards to the referendum issued by the Amherst Association of Students to the general student body on Wednesday (11/28).

Matt Fernald '13 writes regarding Keefe Campus Center space re-allocation and the AAS poll sent to students on Wednesday, November 27.

A lot has been discussed regarding the results of last week's AAS poll. Here's my take:

I’m appalled but not surprised that Amherst students would vote “No” on making the Multicultural Resource Center more visible on campus. Appalled because the MRC was founded because of a large push made by the students, which initially lacked administrative support. Now that the MRC finally has administrative support, it has lost its allegiance from current Amherst students. Before I go further, let me be clear that this article is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect upon the MRC’s.

Last night, the College held an an open meeting to discuss proposed changes to Keefe Campus Center, including the relocation of the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) and Women’s Center to more prominent locations in the building and the moving of the Game Room to the second floor. Today, students will vote in a non-binding poll to support or oppose the proposed changes. Last night’s meeting was the first time some students gave input on the move; today’s poll may be the last say of the student body on the matter.