Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 09/28/2011 - 00:59

Class of 2013

  • Alex Propp '13
  • With a new president, major changes to social policy on campus and new regulations, I think it’s clear that the College is in a time of transition. As RC of Davis and Stone, I’ve seen how these changes have affected student life. I’d like to represent the class of 2013’s perspective on issues of student life, as well as help develop environmental sustainability initiatives across campus, and I would appreciate your support.

    Class of 2015

  • Amani Ahmed '15
  • Hi, my name is Amani Ahmed, and I’d love to be one of your class of 2015 representatives in the [AAS]! I’ll be a fantastic representative because I will guarantee that every voice that wants to be heard is heard. My priority is to make sure that my fellow first-years feel comfortable approaching me about any difficulties that they are experiencing. The class of 2015 needs someone to lead them, and I will do that. The accomplishments that I’ve made in my previous leadership positions have made me fully confident that I won’t disappoint you. Vote for me!

  • Benyam Ashenafi ’15
  • Hello! My name is Benyam, and I believe that my bold desire to run for Senate this year stems from my passionate dedication to work for the benefit of all of you, my dear friends and for a wonderful four-year long adventure that lies ahead of us. Yes! Using my high school experience as president of student government, I hope to serve as the main link between your problems and their solutions, between your questions and their answers. By organizing main campus events too, I would like to bring us all together as a united, spirited and unforgettable class! Peace.

  • Dvij Bajpai ’15
  • I’m from Mumbai. I love music, mathematics, painting and the outdoors. I want to make artistic expression as easy as possible on campus. I plan to do this by making the council more accessible to students — which will be both easily achievable, in my opinion, by redesigning the AAS website and will have an array of other benefits, such as encouraging live music and adorning the campus with student art. I think I’m a good candidate because I’m enthusiastic and approachable. You’re at Amherst College: you have the ability, the equality and the resources. Express yourself!

  • Elson Browne-Low ’15
  • Fellow Jeffs! Enjoying late nights and endless mounds of reading? Me too! My stay has been short, but it’s been enough for me to appreciate that Amherst, late nights or no, is something special. As a candidate for the Senate, it’s my aim to preserve as best I can this environment. I want to stand up for improvement. This may sound like political fluff, but it’s fluff I intend to remain dedicated to. So vote Elson. Thank you.

  • Peter Crane ’15
  • Hello! My name is Peter Crane, and I’m running for the AAS Senate. I decided to run after seeing examples of the disconnect between our freshman class and the administration, notably in the inopportune scheduling of E-Or. But instead of being a candidate who promises big things, I’d like to be the senator who helps you out in the small ways — more late-night food options, better scheduling of mandatory events (like E-Or) and more reliable internet service. If you’d like to see something done, feel free to talk to me, because I’ll fight for you whether I win this election or not.

  • Kyra Ellis-Moore ’15
  • Hello! My name is Kyra Ellis-Moore, and I am running for class of 2015 Senator. I’m from Albuquerque, N.M. and live in Williston. I’m having an incredible time here at Amherst so far, and I am hoping that being a part of the Senate will give me a chance to get to know this school and its remarkable student body in new and better ways. I’m organized, responsible and motivated. But more importantly, I’m open-minded, far too positive and excited to get to know you and have the chance to serve you in some way over these next four years.

  • Samanta English ’15
  • Rather than make thousands of empty promises and unrealistic plans for the year, I will promise to represent you in the best way I can. I promise that I will try to get to know more of you and find out what you are interested in. I can use all of the resources in my reach to improve what you need. A vote for Samanta is a vote for honesty and improvement.

  • Zhengyuan (March) Fan ’15
  • HAPPINESS! What a wonderful word! It’s my philosophy for the student government: I am here to make you happy! I am sure that is what you want! Tired of food in Val? Tired of the tedious extended orientation speeches? Complaint can’t make us happy. Let’s make a change! Zhengyuan is not only “the guy with a happy face;” he cannot wait to serve you, to make you happier. As your senator, I am happy only when YOU are happy! YOUR happiness is my highest priority! Are you happy at Amherst? You will be, when we make a change together!

  • Wilfredo Gomez ’15
  • Although I’ve never been involved in student government, I’ve always thought of myself as a person in tune with the wishes of my peers. I have already been advocating on behalf of the class of 2015 as the only freshman on a newly-created Social Life Task Force, talking about how to improve the party/recreational scene on campus. In the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve come to think of this place as a home and, with your support, I want to make sure that in the coming years it gets better. Vote W.G. for the class of 2015.

  • Andrew Hurn ’15
  • To become one that stands out amongst many, there must be something that you can bring to the table that no one else here can. I bring experience, leadership, compassion and fortitude that makes me a leader. I bring a passion for all the people that have congregated under the pines and oaks to share and experience we, happy few, are privileged to be a part of. And finally I bring a mind bursting with new ideas, and I’m not afraid to hear those ideas of my peers to help better our four years together.

  • Brian Ingram ’15
  • I’m Brian Ingram, and I’m the right choice for Senate because I am a genius. My life experience gives me an edge over the other candidates because I know how to represent a diverse group of students. I’m in good with the administration; Biddy Martin was in my room... that’s all you need to know.

  • Jonathan Jordan ’15
  • In his previous years, Jonathan Jordan has served as a councilman on his school’s student committee. In addition, he had also been involved in his school’s Student Leadership Team. [Having served] as a student representative in the past, Jonathan is also interested in helping his community, taking accountable roles within his school’s Community Service Student Leadership Team and wishes to bring his passion for helping to create effective change with him to the Amherst Community. Lastly, in terms of educational distinction, Jonathan is a professional geophyschoneuroanalyst who graduated with honors from Jordan University.

  • Yosef Negussie ’15
  • Yosef Negussie, a valedictorian in high school, has had perfect attendance since the fifth grade. Through sickness and health, Yosef dedicated his time not only to school, but to his friends, peers and the American Cancer Society. For four years, he has helped the American Cancer Society by fundraising through car washes and sales, participating in events like Strides Against Cancer and Relay for Life, and being an overall positive human being. In fact, Yosef devoted over 200 hours of community [service] in the past four years alone. Yosef goes to Amherst College, and he is happy to be there.

  • Jeremy Rubel ’15
  • I love Amherst College. However, I would love to make Amherst an even better place. If elected senator of the class of 2015, I promise to listen to you and communicate your ideas to the AAS to make sure your voice is heard.

  • Alex Southmayd ’15
  • Any effective change in an institution starts at the ground level: communication. Peer representation is theoretically the best way to run a country, although it often appears fruitless. On a small college campus, however, the voice of the student is easy to hear, so long as there’s someone to listen. As Senator, I will be that someone. Vote Senator Southmayd if you want your voice to be heard.

  • Sheron Torho ’15
  • My name is Sheron Torho, and I am running for Senate. Like most other first-year students, I want to make a positive impact. Amherst College is like a community and we should act as such. I want everyone to feel supported, if not by the entire student body, then at least within their class. We should not hesitate to say “hi” to each other or strike up conversations with unfamiliar people. Our sports teams are awesome, and we should show support for them with tons of spirit. I just really want to get people excited about getting involved here.

  • Christina Won ’15
  • How much do I love Amherst so far? I could count the ways, but mostly it’s because of my fellow freshmen. I’m blown away by how brilliant our class is, and I’d be honored to represent it. I’ve been on student government for the past 10 years, and I think my experience in communicating with a student body and handling money can definitely translate into the Senate. I’m really excited for our upcoming year together, and if I do have the opportunity to serve you through the Senate, I promise that I will go all out for you guys.

  • Camille Youngblood ’15
  • Seventeen hundred students, 100 organizations, one Five College consortium, four classes a semester, three hours of sleep last night, too much homework and one student that wants to make a difference. I’m Camille Youngblood, and I want your vote for Senate. Senators bridge the gap between faculty and the student body. They listen to new ideas and are honest and enthusiastic in their work. Being a representative means being a fair, friendly and fun leader in and out of the classroom, on and off the field, all day, everyday. I’m Camille, I keep it real, and I’d love your vote. Thanks.