Association of Amherst Students Senate Elections Candidate Statements
Issue   |   Wed, 04/04/2012 - 02:01


Tania Dias ’13
Hi! I’m a Black Studies major from Portugal and a Community Engagement Leader for Big Brothers Big Sisters. During this first year on Senate I have served on faculty committees, learned how to get things done and, sadly, seen how narrowly focused and overly bureaucratic Senate is. As president, I want an inclusive, open-minded and inspired Senate that works for you. Among many things, I’m proposing a College Common Hour — where faculty, staff and students can come together to hear speakers, see performances, hold discussions — and hammocks around campus. I have a lot of new ideas, come talk to me.

Josh Mayer ’13
I bleed purple. That’s why I believe we need to focus on fixing the AAS, not Amherst. As President, my top priority will be fostering a student government that improves diversity, representation and campus unity. For most of the last six years, a narrow social group has dominated AAS leadership; I am running to make what is now an Association of Amherst Senators into a true Association of Amherst Students. Having worked with the Senate, Budgetary Committee and Committee on Discipline, I know the ins and outs to make a real difference. I humbly ask for your vote tomorrow.

Alex Stein ’13
Hi there! I’m running for President because I truly believe that the AAS can be a positive force for student life issues at Amherst. I have served on the Senate for three years — making me the most experienced Senator — and in that time I have proven that I know how to get things done. I have fixed Scrutiny, organized the first ever AAS Town Hall and created the AAS Historical Initiative. I would love your support. If you have any questions you can email me at or visit my website: for more information. Thanks for your consideration!


Chris Friend ’14
The VP has historically served to do one thing — run senate meetings. A strong VP must be able to end discussion promptly, allow visitors to the Senate speak first and just generally be fair in letting people speak. In addition, the VP should take on a larger role in the Senate campaigning for issues directly affecting the student body. If you are looking for an independent candidate with the drive and vision to reshape the VP position and solve some of Amherst’s larger structural issues, please consider giving me your support.

Jess Sidhu ’14
Hello! After serving on Senate for two years now, I am running for Vice-President to make the AAS a more welcoming and accessible body — to make it a group that students outside the AAS want to work with. Outside the Red Room, the AAS has a negative reputation that hinders its ability to make Amherst College a better place to live and learn. My goal as VP would be to make the Senate more accessible and easier to work with through weekly tabling in Val/Keefe, Senators serving as club reps and other simple solutions. Thanks, and please vote on Thursday!

George Tepe ’14
I would be honored to serve as your Vice-President. I have served on the AAS my entire time at Amherst, both as a senator and a member of the executive branch. The Senate needs productive meetings in order to address the variety of issues affecting students. I believe that I can lead efficient senate meetings while continuing to work on student-life initiatives. As Vice-President I will work to solidify a late night dining option, create a Young Trustee, relocate, re-envision and legitimately fund the Multicultural Resource Center, pilot monthly group adviser meetings and prioritize students at senate meetings.


Diwa Cody ’14
Elect me, Diwa Elizabeth Cody to serve as your Treasurer for a second year! This past year, I have worked hard to make the AAS budgetary process more user friendly by creating office hours, changing the discretionary funding process and increasing budgetary committee involvement. Re-elect me and expect another year of progress and efficiency. Vote Diwa Cody!


Amani Ahmed ’15
I’m Amani Ahmed and I’m running for Secretary! Having been a Senator this year, I understand the importance of and need for involving the student body in the conversations and decisions the Senate makes. As Secretary, I will work towards making the Senate not only a more accessible, but also a more approachable place for expressing concerns that will improve Amherst. I plan on using the Secretary’s role of managing the list-serv to make events on campus better known to students. I will also work towards improving van transportation for clubs by making van use more available. Vote for me!

Noah Gordon ’14
My name’s Noah, and I have a vision for the position of Secretary. I’ve been a Senator for two years, serving for one of them as Elections Committee Chair. In that time, I’ve been searching for the answer to one persistent question: how do we get students involved in student government? Now I believe I’ve found it: bring student government to them. As Secretary, I will reach out to every student organization on campus to make sure each student’s voice is heard. Simultaneously, I’ll continue and improve upon the traditional role of the Secretary. Thank you, and happy voting!

Judiciary Council Chair

Matt Hartzler ’13
As with most positions in student government, there is only one real thing that matters. I’m not an idiot.

Nazir Khan ’14
Yo, I’m Nazir Khan ’14 running for JC Chair. My neighbor George Tepe ’14 is the current JC Chair, so I understand the position’s responsibilities very well. I’m not gonna promise stuff that’s unrealistic, impossible or not part of the job. My homie George has taken great steps towards amending the constitution, and I’d like to continue his work. However, I’m not part of Senate, so I offer a fresh perspective. Furthermore, I’m part of many clubs and organizations, familiarizing me with how clubs interact with the AAS and their diverse needs. I hope y’all vote for me. Peace.

Alex Southmayd ’15
In addition to serving as a senator for the AAS the entire year, I’ve been a member of the Judiciary Council since the fall and a member of the Dining Services Committee since February — the committee that’s been bringing late night food options to the campus. I’ve done my best to serve you as a senator, so help me continue to serve you as the JC Chair next year. If you have any questions for me, feel free email me or ask me in person. You can find me in Val pretty easily!

Meghna Sridhar ’14
As someone who’s been on the JC for a while, I know I would be able to manage the duties of JC chair effectively. I’d love to continue the previous JC chair’s project of cleaning up and improving the constitution, an initiative worth continuing. The JC also approves new clubs on campus, which I’d be able to do in an effective and sensitive way: I’m involved in many clubs myself, and I have a good understanding of the circumstances in which they operate. I also wish to use the position on the e-board to improve community and diversity on campus.