I still remember the day that I received Angie Epifano’s powerful piece. I was watching Project Runway, and I decided to check my email during the commercials. I read the piece three times before I called my mother and told her about it, and that I was going to run it. “Can you get in trouble because of it? Can they expel you or take your financial aid away?” she asked. I hadn’t really thought about it until then. The way I saw it, it didn’t really matter. Journalism is about exposing the truth. It’s about making a difference and creating change and starting dialogue.

On March 3, the faculty met for the first meeting of the spring semester. The top three items on the agenda were the presentation of the Special Oversight Committee on Sexual Misconduct (SMOC) report, the presentation of the Title IX report and a vote on the Open-Access Resolution, which was presented during the last faculty meeting in the fall.

On Dec. 4, the faculty met and discussed two major points: an addition to the pass/fail policy and an Open Access Resolution.
Before discussing those two items, President Carolyn Martin announced that the Committee of Six decided to go with the online program, edX. The committee is expecting to have their first course as early as the fall of 2013. The committee’s announcement is not a final decision since the committee decided to have the faculty vote on it during a special meeting to be held on Dec. 28.

Last night, Oct. 16, the faculty held their third meeting of the semester. The faculty approved sixteen new courses. They also discussed several things, including Amherst’s rating falling from AAA to AA+ according to S&P, a transition to Apple-friendly products and online education.

Last Monday, Sept. 17, former professor Carleen Basler resigned from the College after admitting that her written work contained unattributed verbatim quotations and improper references of other scholars’ work.

“My reason for resigning is simple. In certain sections of my scholarly work, I unintentionally failed to cite and improperly cited previously published materials. In the realm of academic scholarship, such mistakes are very serious in nature,” Basler said in a statement given to The Student.

Discovery and Acknowledgment

Dean of Students Allen Hart has approached the Association of Amherst Students (AAS) to propose that the effort to address campus social life issues be a collaborative venture between students and the administration. His proposal came after the recent setbacks on social life frontiers: basements in Crossett, Davis and Stone were rendered unusable for The Amherst Parties (TAP’s) due to fire regulations and the cancellation of funding for Senior Bar Night.

On Monday, April 18, 2011, peta2, the youth division of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), hosted a debate at Stirn Auditorium with the Debate Society. The debate revolved around the question, “Is eating meat ethical?”

Arguing for the unethical nature of eating meat were PETA’s Vice-President Bruce Friedrich and the Debate Society’s co-president Justin Patrick ’12. Arguing that it is ethical were Jane Kessner ’14 and co-president Lilia Kilburn ’12.