Major: English
Thesis Advisor: Robert Hayashi

What is your thesis about?
My thesis is about biracial Asian-American identity in literature and also in my life. It’s a fusion of literary analysis and creative nonfiction memoir.

Major: Biology
Thesis Advisor: Caroline Goutte

Q: What is your thesis about?

Looking through Nathan Nash’s résumé, the first thought that pops into my head is: how much sleep does this guy get?

“Oh, you know, four to five hours,” answers Nash, an ever-indulgent grin plastered on his face. I stare, incredulous, and he acquiesces a little.

“Six or seven since I finished my thesis.” He pauses for a second, then chuckles. “They used to call me a vampire back when I was an RC in Porter House [my sophomore year] because I never slept.”

Cathleen Villapudua ’12
Major: Black Studies
Advisor: Rhonda Cobham-Sander

Dana Kaufman ’12
Major: Music
Advisor: Eric Sawyer

Sick of eating the same food at Val every day? Tired of spending your money on late night snacks off-campus when you could be using those extra swipes instead? And ever wondered what really goes on in Lewis-Sebring Dining Commons?

Well, good news. The Student has received a copy of a confidential report that Petit Consulting LLC, a firm specialized in providing food service and hospitality consulting, created for Dining Services. The report offers recommendations and improvements for the upcoming school year.