Amherst College students are back on campus after winter break, and many are bringing back more than just a tan from their vacation getaways. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the biggest flu epidemic in ten years has been sweeping across the country. Twenty-nine states, including Massachusetts, have reported very high rates of influenza-like illness, which is characterized by a fever greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, chills, body aches and a cough or sore throat.

Major: English
Thesis Advisor: Robert Hayashi

What is your thesis about?
My thesis is about biracial Asian-American identity in literature and also in my life. It’s a fusion of literary analysis and creative nonfiction memoir.

Does anyone know what is going on with Keefe? Outside of a stunning neon green and orange color scheme that shines off the walls, most of the renovation of the Student Center remains a mystery to students. A single email sent by the President in late December lists the renovations, but since then we have seen no floor plan nor a reaffirmation of the original sketch laid down.

Over break Keefe Campus Center underwent major renovations that have reconfigured the spaces within Keefe and refurbished nearly all the public spaces in the building.

After weeks of debate regarding the future locations of the game room, Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) and Women’s Center, President Carolyn “Biddy” Martin sent out a campus-wide email on Dec. 21 informing students and faculty that due to the preliminary construction work that must be done for the new Science Center, Keefe renovations would have to be done over break.

Since Amherst began, the College has developed two traditions — distinct from each other but both integral to the school’s character. One is a tradition of social reform, the other a tradition of cultural exclusion. The first embodies the sort of progressive ideals we try to instill in modern Americans, the other a retrograde carelessness about the sensitivities of people who fall outside narrow, old-school categories.

The Biology Department writes to The Student regarding an image found hanging in a College science facility. Signatories include Jill S. Miller, Chair of Biology, Ethan D. Clotfelter, Julie A. Emerson, Stephen A. George, Caroline E. Goutte, Ethan R. Graf, Michael E. Hood, Rachel A. Levin, Dominic L. Poccia, Alexandra E. Purdy, David I. Ratner, Ethan J. Temeles, Josef G. Trapani, and Patrick L. Williamson.

Authors: Barry O’Connell, James E. Ostendarp Professor of English; Karen Sanchez-Eppler, Professor of American Studies and English and Faculty Advisor to the Center for Community Engagement, and Chair of American Studies; Lisa T. Brooks, Associate Professor of English and American Studies; Kiara M. Vigil, Assistant Professor of American Studies.