When students fill out their preferences for Room Draw 2012 in a few weeks time, they will have a brand new option: gender inclusive housing. Following the College’s recent inclusion of gender identity and expression in its nondiscrimination policy, the Board of Trustees approved a campus-wide petition to allow students to choose roommates regardless of gender.

After a festive inauguration weekend, President Biddy Martin enjoyed a productive second faculty meeting as the official College president last Tuesday, Oct. 18, in Converse Hall. The faculty approved 15 new courses for the spring semester, discussed the continuation of the capital campaign and the creation of a new fundraising program. Most importantly, they began the debate about the future diversification of the faculty.

On a chilly morning this past Sunday, students, faculty, staff and members of the Amherst community gathered at Memorial Hill to remember a day that was like any other — until a horrific tragedy rocked the nation, the aftershocks of which can still be felt today, 10 years later.

“Robert, Robert. That’s the Colosseum.”
I don’t know when it quite hit us that we were, in fact, in Rome, but it might have been the point when our bus, throwing us backwards and forwards as it stumbled through the cobblestone streets, started circling the Colosseum. As that most legendary of ancient ruins loomed before our eyes, I started hitting my friend’s arm frantically, eyes wide open, jaw dropped in disbelief that we were actually there, that it was actually there, as if all the books and photographs all these years had actually been lying.

After a streak of wins against Wesleyan and Hamilton that saw the Jeffs soar to a tie in first place in the NESCAC West, the team dropped a pair of close games away at Keene State College on April 15. While Amherst sprung to a 3-0 lead in the first game, they could not withstand a fourth-inning Owl surge that left them on the wrong side of a 4-3 scoreline, before falling 3-1 in the second game.

What exactly is “American” food?