While students spent the summer interning at various organizations, exploring foreign countries or relaxing at home or on the beach, the IT Department spent countless hours making improvements around campus. From the new mobile printing and printing release stations to the package notification system, the IT Department has made all different facets of our campus more technologically and environmentally friendly.

Despite running over 80 miles a week, Andrew Erskine always finds himself in bed before 11:00 p.m., leaving enough time to have memorized every Disney song, accurately sung upon request — perhaps not in tune, but at least in character. However, Erskine’s passion is not for theatre, but rather for math. Graduating with a double-major in Math and Computer Science, Erskine has mapped out his life — on and off the track — with precision and calculation.

I’ll Make a Man...
“In the Jewish religion, you name children after deceased family members,” Erskine said.

Last week, 777 different students went to the atrium of Keefe Campus Center to “grab” a bagged lunch and “go” to class. Although the menu changed daily, students could pick either an entrée sandwich/wrap or salad (one of which was a vegetarian item), choose three additional snacks — chips, pretzels, popcorn, fresh fruit or a dessert — and finally choose one beverage.

“The intent is to provide a product that will present fresh, made of quality, ingredients with a good perceived value from our students,” said Jeremy Roush, Amherst College’s Executive Chef.

With all construction comes destruction, and this is exactly what worries members of the Amherst community about the upcoming Pratt Field renovations.

Scheduled to start in October, the Pratt Field project “reconfigures and reorients the track and football field such that the field is moved off its current axis and the bleachers are located outside of the track,” said Jim Brassord, Director of Facilities and Associate Treasurer for Campus Services.