My uncle’s family and grandparents are pretty damn racist. I love them, but the inevitable fact is that most first-generation Asian immigrant families are. I remember being pulled away from my best friend in first grade: my parents accused her of stealing my pencil case, their logic being that she was Mexican, so she must be sneaky. I had probably just dropped it somewhere into the void that was the school playground.

When former Dean of Students Allen Hart ’82 took a leave of absence July of 2012, a search committee composed of eight members, selected by President Carolyn “Biddy” Martin, began the search for a new dean. The eight members of the search committee included faculty and staff of the College spanning from multiple backgrounds and academic fields and two students, Tania Dias ’13, president of the Association of Amherst Students, and Jasjaap “Jess” Sidhu ’14, member of the Disciplinary Committee.

The Campus Challenge Committee will be holding an “Everybody has a Story” week beginning March 5 and ending March 9. This week is part of the committee’s efforts to strengthen campus social cohesion and unity across various dimensions of values and beliefs.