In the past, the College has not had a reputation for expertise in business. Sophomore and AAS (Association of Amherst Students) Senator Jacob Ong hopes to change that.

“Amherst College doesn’t have a tradition of having an enterprise competition, because in the earlier years they believed that maybe enterprise [or]business, didn’t really fit in line with the liberal arts education. [It was] something you’d do after you graduated, not during your time here,” Ong said.

The Campus Challenge Committee will be holding an “Everybody has a Story” week beginning March 5 and ending March 9. This week is part of the committee’s efforts to strengthen campus social cohesion and unity across various dimensions of values and beliefs.

Absent for most of last semester, Flics made its return last week with its celebration of the Academy Awards. However, this group has been absent for quite a few months and having the first Flics of the year near the end of February seems much too late. Last semester, Flics was inactive with the exception of a movie around Thanksgiving time, despite it being an event that many students look forward to.

In this column, I want to reframe how the Amherst community discusses sex, in relation to all aspects of sex or, in this case, the lack of it altogether. I’m talking about self-pleasuring — the orgasmic feeling you receive due to your sensational hands.

This week, the Senate convened at Amherst’s shrouded paradise, the Humphries House, also known as the Zü. The Zü escapes the average student’s gaze, located beyond a wooded veil on Snell Street. It is often considered to have greater affinity with Hampshire than Amherst, but its residents captain our frisbee teams, direct our plays, burgeon our orchestra, and write our Pain in the AAS column.

I was saddened by this week’s issue of The Student in which I found an article written by Andrew Kaake ’14 on abortion. The article, “The Principled Position: Defending Life,” examined the abortion debate from the perspective of a Christian Conservative in support of the debate’s “pro-life” side.