This weekend, a friend from Wesleyan and I planned a trip out of our small, NESCAC liberal arts schools to visit a friend at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Big Ten school with around 30,000 undergraduate students. Unsurprisingly, it was a complete culture shock. My friend lives in Statesider, a private and predominantly Jewish dormitory that has little diversity, so I need to put in a disclaimer that what I experienced is obviously not representative of the entire University of Wisconsin student population.

Growing up in Southern Florida, I lived in an affluent, predominantly white suburb and attended a traditional, conservative private school, where the word “liberal” carried a negative connotation and often invoked visceral reactions. Clearly, coming to Amherst was a culture change, but one I was — and still am — excited to experience.

Mammoth Munch, a student-run late-night food delivery service from Schwemm’s Cafe to students, had its trial run from Oct. 1 to Oct. 14. This trial period allowed students to test out the service, which is still in its early stages.

The idea for this enterprise came from Mateen Mills ’20. This past summer, Mills attended a business program at Middlebury called MiddCORE and was inspired by a similar student-run service called GrilleME.