During this Monday’s Senate meeting, AAS President Tania Dias, ‘13, invited President Martin, Dean Charri Boykin-East and Dean Hannah Fatemi to answer questions or address concerns from the entire student body.

On September 7, climate change activist Bill McKibben visited Amherst College and gave a speech in Johnson Chapel that addressed a crowd of over 800 people. It was a strong message that acted as the launching pad for Green Amherst Project’s divestment campaign on campus, a campaign advocating for the College to divest all of its direct investments from coal.

On August 28, some Amherst students receive da string of emails from the Office of Residential Life. The messages informed them that Moore, one of the several dormitories on campus that provide free storage for students, had suffered a steam leak in the basement sometime in the summer. In the time between the leak and the discovery of the damage, high moisture levels combined with humidity caused the entire storage area and all boxes present to be contaminated with mold.

Glee club, Jazz Combos, Resident Counselor, senator, Route 9, Amherst Dance, Amherst Tour Guide, Physics TA and Ultimate Frisbee. Optimistic, energetic, friendly, thoughtful, intelligent. Add a major or two (Physics and Economics, to be specific), and you have Rohan Mazumdar. It’s hard to think of something he hasn’t done in his four years at Amherst College, and it’s amazing to think of what he has. Mazumdar is that student whose name is as ubiquitous around campus as he is — a force of nature that has taken Amherst by storm.

“Amherst is exceptional at fostering an interest among the student body in pursuing such an unusual post-graduate experience,” says the Watson Foundation, which grants a year-long fellowship for independent study and travel outside the United States to graduating college seniors.

This week, the Student Health Educators (SHEs) hosted “My Body is Beautiful” Week.

“The week [is] centered around the idea that Amherst students should support one another in feeling confident and beautiful in our own skin,” said Katherine Blumstein ’13, one of the lead SHEs organizing this week.

Rumors about what will happen for room draw and residential life next year have been spreading like rapid-fire. With stories about how the trailers might once again become first-year dorms to how residential living is going to create more triples and doubles, students are clamoring for answers. Most of the rumors are false, but what is true is that there will be no room for change once the school year starts.