We want to clarify a misconception that some readers may have had after reading the letter by Amherst Hillel’s Executive Board in last week’s edition of The Student. That letter did not distinguish between the students who staged the die-in at the Israeli Independence Day Party and those who tore down Hillel’s posters. On that Saturday night, after many of us staged the die-in, we made posters condemning the actions of the Israeli state in the Keefe Campus Center. Four students hung the posters in Valentine between 1 a.m. and 1:30 a.m., surrounding the posters advertising the party.

Last Saturday, Amherst Hillel and Amherst Students for Israel cohosted “Lila Levin: A Blue and White Night” in the Powerhouse in honor of Israel’s 67th birthday. Continuing a string of many seemingly benign cultural activities, this event was not neutral, but was instead a wounded space, one created by the blood, tears and bodies of Palestinians. Israel’s Independence Day is not a celebratory occasion in honor of which we should throw parties and socialize.

This letter was sent by 22 senior professors to President Biddy Martin and Cullen Murphy ‘74, the chair of the Board of Trustees, urging the college to divest from fossil fuels.

Dear Biddy and Cullen,

We write to urge you, and the Board of Trustees, to move toward divesting the college of holdings in those corporations that are committed to fossil fuel extraction to the exclusion of making serious investments in renewable energy.

The Biology Department writes to The Student regarding an image found hanging in a College science facility. Signatories include Jill S. Miller, Chair of Biology, Ethan D. Clotfelter, Julie A. Emerson, Stephen A. George, Caroline E. Goutte, Ethan R. Graf, Michael E. Hood, Rachel A. Levin, Dominic L. Poccia, Alexandra E. Purdy, David I. Ratner, Ethan J. Temeles, Josef G. Trapani, and Patrick L. Williamson.

Authors: Barry O’Connell, James E. Ostendarp Professor of English; Karen Sanchez-Eppler, Professor of American Studies and English and Faculty Advisor to the Center for Community Engagement, and Chair of American Studies; Lisa T. Brooks, Associate Professor of English and American Studies; Kiara M. Vigil, Assistant Professor of American Studies.

Professors Catherine Sanderson, Lisa Raskin, Amy Demorest, Matt Schulkind, Buffy Aries, JP Baird and Sarah Turgeon write in from the Psychology department regarding recent campus events.

The College has been addressing a very difficult issue these past few weeks; we appreciate the work of students, staff and administration who have come forward to bring matters of sexual violence and its aftermath to light. As senior members of the Psychology Department we want to add our voices to the concern of the community regarding this disturbing matter.