During Monday’s Senate meeting, J.M. ’13 made allegations in which he accused G.T. ’14, Judiciary Council Chair, and R.B. ’12, AAS President, of attempting to make a backroom deal with Chris Friend ’14. He asked for the creation of a Committee of Inquiry that would recommend to the Judiciary Council whether to pursue impeachment of G.T. and R.B.

According to J.M., “R.B. and G.T., the JC Chair and candidate for Vice President, offered C.F. the position of interim treasurer in exchange for dropping out of the Vice Presidential race.”

Fifteen years ago, James Cameron turned a tragic maritime disaster into a romantic disaster epic cum box-office-shattering pop-culture phenomenon. “Titanic” was the first film ever to gross over a billion dollars worldwide and scooped up 11 Oscars. It confirmed Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as rising A-list stars and even made Billy Zane briefly relevant, a feat that I think might be even more impressive than the film’s revolutionary special effects.

Currently on hiatus during its third season, “Modern Family” is a sitcom on ABC about the lives of three vastly different immediate families within one larger extended family. Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill) is the eldest member of the family and is married to an attractive Colombian woman named Gloria (Sofia Vergara) who embodies the epitome of a Latin trophy wife.

Over the past two decades, video games have ascended from being a subculture to becoming one of the biggest entertainment industries of our generation. Many of us enjoy AAA titles, such as Call of Duty, Super Mario Bros. or Grand Theft Auto. In the past few years, however, the industry has witnessed an explosion of small developers producing indie games, exploring innovative new game concepts and offering these hand-crafted experiments at low prices.

Let’s face it. Even without knowing anything about “The Vagina Monologues,” the fact that it is about vaginas is enough to know that we are dealing with some heavy topics here. It seems like the concept of femininity, of womanhood, is incomplete without a conversation about sex. And when we say sex, we mean sex as power, as rape and abuse, as tangible proof that women are still being treated unfairly.

Robert Suits ’12
Major: Music
Thesis Advisor: Eric Sawyer

Tell be about your thesis.

Basically, it’s a senior thesis in music composition; it’s your basic cut-and-dried music composition thesis. I ended up writing six pieces, nominally a song cycle. And then ended up organizing rehearsals for that and performing it on Feb. 12.

Who were you writing for?

Bolstered by a rejuvenated offense and a superb 22-save performance from senior goaltender Sam Jakimo, the men’s lacrosse team eked out a 12-11 victory at Middlebury last weekend, snapping a two-game losing streak in the process. The Jeffs – No. 13 in the national rankings – improved their record to 8-2 (4-2 NESCAC) and now sit one game behind Trinity (5-1) and Tufts (5-1) at the top of the conference standings.