At the beginning of September, the Red Sox were a lock for a playoff spot. Three weeks later, after going 4-12 in September, their Wild Card lead reduced to three games, they still were, by any reasonable expectations. I myself proudly proclaimed that they would be just fine. Even on the season’s final day, when the Red Sox found themselves somehow tied with the Rays, it seemed easy enough. With Tampa Bay quickly falling behind 7-0 to the Yankees, all they had to do was beat the Orioles, the worst team in the American League, and they could avert any potential disaster.

After opening their season with a 3-6 loss to Williams, the women’s tennis team looked to rebound with a strong performance at the USTA/ITA New England Regional Tournament last weekend.

The Lady Jeffs headed to Bates for the event, which was unique in that each player competed individually, instead of as part of the team. After the departure of six key seniors from last year’s national runner-up squad, Amherst hoped to use the weekend as an indicator of how well they should match up against their NESCAC and Div. III rivals this year.

The volleyball team came back from a 2-1 deficit to finish the weekend on a high note Sunday, defeating Keene State 3-2 at Middlebury. In Saturday’s action, however, the Firedogs fell to a strong Middlebury team 3-0.

With Sunday’s win — their second over Keene this year — the team improved to 10-3 overall.

Warm, sentimental and funny, “Midnight In Paris” beautifully explores the clash of nostalgia and reality among fantastical encounters. Director Woody Allen takes us on an exquisite journey through time, spanning across the present, the 1890s and the 1920s — in the City of Light that reeks of wine, music, poignancy and genius, while effortlessly depicting conflicts inherent in the human nature. Only with such grace can the movie truly do Paris justice, and Allen doubtlessly did that, regardless of the extra crème layer on top.

The Renaissance music of the 16th century is easily associated with sexual dramas. Susan McClary, the most eminent scholar of feminist musicology, wrote a whole book, “Modal Subjectivities,” to describe the various sexual scenes she found in late Renaissance music during the final decades of the 16th century. To understand such drama, it is necessary to trace the footprints of such music, which was born out of a confusing and chaotic time.

Anyone who has purchased a personal computer in the last decade knows that computers tend to grow more powerful at an amazing rate. Buy a MacBook, wait 12 months and the next model runs at what seems to be twice the speed as your old one. People complain that we all just bought a new machine, wonder if anyone needs this level of speed and ask when the hell that Steve Jobs guy is going to stop telling me I need new gizmos and gadgets and whatchmacallits.