At 4:46 on Sunday, I received an e-mail stating that somebody had written the n-word in the snow on a car outside of the Lord Jeff Inn. At 5:31 and 6:30 that same day, I received e-mails about student-organized meetings to discuss this incident. The message seemed to be, “We will do whatever it takes to fight this hatred.” I was glad to see the strong student reaction to this. Complacency is unproductive, and I am proud that as a student body we have fought against the so-called “Amherst Apathy.”

I’m appalled but not surprised that Amherst students would vote “No” on making the Multicultural Resource Center more visible on campus. Appalled because the MRC was founded because of a large push made by the students, which initially lacked administrative support. Now that the MRC finally has administrative support, it has lost its allegiance from current Amherst students. Before I go further, let me be clear that this article is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect upon the MRC’s.

After beginning their 2012-2013 season with three wins in as many games, the men’s basketball team looked to build on that strong start this past week.

With three more games on the schedule, including their first two road contests of the season, remaining undefeated would prove to be a tough task. The Jeffs did manage to snag two more victories, pushing their winning-streak to five games, but unfortunately, lost their final game of the week, their first blemish of the young season.