My roommates have a list of restaurants to visit in Northampton. They believe they’ve seen it all in Amherst and feel restless, thirsty for a new experience. Sadly, Nemo and the requisite driving ban forced them to stay local. However, this setback allowed me to introduce them to a spot of novelty in Amherst, proving that they have yet to fully explore and exploit the town.

In one of the decisive scenes in “Silver Linings Playbook,” Pat Solitano Sr. (Robert De Niro) strikes a parlay with his gambling friend while the rest of the crowd in the house — including his son Pat (Bradley Cooper) and Pat’s dance partner Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) — fire their opinions in high volumes. Comparing their volatility to a bundle of home-made bombs would not be inappropriate: Pat Sr.

Currently in the midst of its third season, Workaholics airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central. The raunchy 21-minute-long sitcom revolves around the lives of college dropouts who are having trouble adjusting to their newly adult lives. Blake Henderson (Blake Anderson), Adam DeMamp (Adam DeVine), and Anders “Ders” Holmvik (Anders Holm) form something of a family as they share a house in Rancho Cucamonga, California as well as a cubicle in TelAmeriCorp, a telemarketing company.

Winter Storm Nemo may have altered the Amherst Women’s Ice Hockey schedule this weekend, but that didn’t deter the Lord Jeffs from taking down league rival Trinity, 5-1, on Sunday afternoon. The Bantams held an 8-1-1 record heading into Sunday’s game, but Amherst smashed that record to improve to 11-8-1 overall, and 9-3-1 in NESCAC play. The victory came after a tough 3-1 loss to non-conference opponent Norwich last Wednesday.

On Jan. 22 and 23, the CCE Athletics Liaisons facilitated a 24-hour retreat to train 19 new Athletic Team Engagement Leaders (ATELs) to effectively lead the community engagement efforts on their respective teams.

Bolstered by tenacious forechecking and surging offensive production, the men’s hockey team cruised to a pair of easy victories last weekend, defeating NESCAC bottom-feeders Conn. College 4-2 and Tufts 6-1.

The Jeffs (14-5-3, 10-4-2 NESCAC) are now preparing for the most pivotal regular season weekend of the year — a home doubleheader against Williams and Middlebury, two of Amherst’s most competitive rivals in hockey.

Of the 313 individuals enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame, 89 are coaches. So more than a quarter of the people who made basketball the way it is today did it from the sidelines. Well, in fairness, I suspect many of them spent their careers standing, yelling and waving their arms animatedly. But for the most part, pacing up and down the sidelines is as close to the action as they could have gotten. Granted, coaches have the ability to call timeouts, to call plays and to engineer overall strategy. But come game time, the hollering and hooting of coaches is background noise.