After some slight technical difficulties, the faculty meeting of Dec. 3, 2013 began.

The bulk of the meeting was made up of short reports from the chairs of the strategic planning committees concerning the work that they had begun undertaking and a short discussion about the strategic planning process going forward.

Major: Music
Advisors: David Schneider (academic advisor), Mark Swanson (instrumental advisor), Mallorie Chernin (choral advisor)

Q: What is your thesis about?
JHS: Luca and I are doing a joint choral and conducting thesis, in which we are each conducting a 20-person choir as well as a small-size orchestra.
LA: Jordan is conducting Barber’s “Knoxville: Summer of 1915” and I am conducting Copland’s “Appalachian Spring.” In addition to the orchestral repertoire, we are both conducting choral pieces by Barber, Copland and other American composers.

On Thursday, Nov. 14, two former students filed a federal complaint against Amherst College, alleging that the College violated Title IX and the Clery Act by mishandling reports of sexual assault. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is currently reviewing the complaint.

In the fall of 2012, President Biddy Martin wanted to make the construction of social spaces for student activities an institutional priority. The Facilities Department, taking her announcement to heart, began a feasibility study on what had been used as a Power House up until the 1960s (Amherst College’s first centralized steam plant, equipped with a coal-fired boiler) and, more recently, a garage for the ground department. Just a few months later in April, architectural and engineering design work began.

*TRIGGER WARNING: This content deals with an account of sexual assault.

The article is contributed by an anonymous Amherst alumna, who along with Angie Epifano, has filed a Title IX and Clery complaint against Amherst College.

I am a survivor who graduated from Amherst College this past May despite the administration’s efforts to silence and shame me.

It is unfortunate how the process of learning and the academic calendar are so out of sync. Learning is continuous and gradual, whereas academic pressure fluctuates and spikes sharply, typically in the months of December and May. Out of this dissonance, emerges the stress of finals.

Last year’s discussion surrounding sexual respect on campus illuminated a broken support system. Amherst College has since made many of the much-needed changes to the school’s sexual respect policy. Unfortunately, many students are unaware of these changes.

To address this, here is a comparison between former and current policies intended to educate students on changes to the College’s sexual respect policy and options in cases of sexual assault.

Who finds out about sexual assault?