Last week, the Department of Mathematics changed its name to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and began offering a new statistics major within the department.

The creation of the statistics major has been six years in the making. The major was created from the collaborative efforts of Professors Amy Wagaman, Shu-Min Liao and Nicholas Horton. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has also hired another lecturer for the spring to round out the statistics faculty.

Q: What is your thesis about?
A: In brief, it’s about the legal and political institutionalization of indigenous medicine in South Africa, against a backdrop of disdain and suppression originating in the colonial and apartheid eras.

This March, The Association of Amherst Students and the Green Amherst Project will launch the “Green Games,” an environmental sustainability competition among the first year dorm. The six-week long event will continue until April 22, Earth Day.

This Friday, students will have the opportunity to experience a newly upgraded Keefe Campus Center theater, as the Amherst College Film Society hosts its first film screening of the semester. After five days of installations and several months of planning, the IT department recently completed updating the projection and sound systems in the basement theater in Keefe. With the new technological upgrades, the theater will accommodate both movie screenings and classes.

As deadlines approach for summer internships, The Student can commiserate with the stress and anxiety of prospective interns. Summer internships can be a serious ordeal and scoring a prestigious internship is often more highly valued than success during the academic semester. Internships present a crucial opportunity to not only advance one’s career goals but also to clarify and define what those goals should be. Nonetheless, many students do not carefully deliberate why and where they hope to find an internship, and it can be difficult to find good advice and guidance along the way.

Two Amherst students talk about a new project called Defining Amherst. This is the first in the series of upcoming interviews with students, faculty, and staff about the purpose of an Amherst education. For more info about Defining Amherst, visit

What is Defining Amherst about?

"A liberal arts education is rich in metaphors that are capable of capturing the multifaceted life of an entrepreneur” — Dennis Ray, “Liberal Arts for Entrepreneurs.”

In November, TEDxAmherstCollege drew in hundreds of students. Many students have purchased refrigerators from Green Garage, and a number of students in the Amherst community is currently anticipating the new BikeShare program. But most people are not aware of their common denominator: the Social Innovation Leadership Team(SILT).