Reading those “20 Successful People in their 20s” lists has always been rather unsettling for me. It’s crazy to think that someone only a couple years older than me could have accomplished so much, so when I read about these young entrepreneurs, I automatically label them as arrogant hotshots to make myself feel marginally better.

I’ve stared at a blank word document for the past five days, stumped by how to frame Bryce Monroe’s life with a limited number of words while still doing justice to such an exceptional person. Whether he’s roaming the football stadium, singing with the Zumbyes or writing and acting in his own thesis play, Monroe always performs at a high standard.

The Social Project Work Group announced yesterday that the campus-wide vote on social clubs will be postponed until the fall semester.

The postponement is a result of feedback from many students who wanted revisions to the wording of the social clubs proposal.

Chief Student Affairs Officer Suzanne Coffey and Dean of Students Alex Vasquez hosted the first open meeting to discuss neighborhoods on Thursday, April 30. Along with Coffey and Vasquez, an advisory group of nine students was present at the event to facilitate the conversation and to outline what the neighborhoods concept would look like at the college.

The Social Project Work Group released a final proposal for the implementation of social clubs on Tuesday, April 14. The proposal outlines the potential process for creating social clubs, selecting their members and the objectives and requirements of clubs. The proposal is addressed to the student body, and the administration “will only consider a proposal that has the overwhelming support of the student body,” according to Chief Student Affairs Officer Suzanne Coffey.

Association of Amherst Students President Tomi Williams ’16 and the Budgetary Committee members held an open meeting on Tuesday, March 24 to discuss the current budgetary process and receive suggestions as well as feedback from the attendees. The meeting focused on how the AAS could more efficiently allocate budget to student organizations.

The board of trustees announced its unanimous approval of a statement on sustainability and investment policy Tuesday, Feb. 24. The statement formally acknowledged the dangers of climate change and proposed a responsible stewardship of resources to make environmental sustainability a focal point of the college’s operations and investment decisions.

Furthermore, the statement said that the board intends to work on achieving a carbon-neutral footprint and energy conservation efforts. However, the board emphasized that it did not endorse divestment from the coal industry.