The Association of Amherst Students senate voted Monday night to defeat a motion that would have overturned the Judiciary Council’s ruling on the recent executive board elections complaint.

Senator and Judiciary Council member Servet Bayimli ’16 brought forward the motion a week after dissenting on the Judiciary Council’s decision to dismiss the complaint. Chloe McKenzie ’14, the member of the acting Judiciary Council who abstained from the vote, joined Bayimli in presenting the motion to the senate.

Professors Rick López and Lyle McGeoch will assume positions as class deans starting July 1, President Martin announced last week.

López, an associate professor in the History Department, has been named Dean of New Students. McGeoch, the Brian E. Boyle ’69 Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, has been appointed Dean of the Class of 2017.

During their three-year terms as class deans, both professors will advise students in their respective classes, take on administrative responsibilities in student affairs and teach one class per semester.

This article is the fourth part in a four-part series about the core committees involved in this year’s strategic planning process.

This year, the Strategic Planning Committee for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning is looking into essential support structures needed to be put in place for the College to continue thriving as a research and teaching-based institution.

Professor Martin A. Medina Elizalde is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology. He holds a B.S. from the Univ. from Southern Baja California, a M.S. in Center of Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico and a Ph.D from the Univ. of California, Santa Barbara.

Pierre Joseph ’15 won $30,000 to go toward graduate school through the Truman Scholarship. The Truman Scholarship, created in 1975, aims to “support young Americans who are making a difference and become part of the future of public service leadership,” the Truman Scholarship website says.

“Truman is for people who want to do domestic work,” Joseph said. “They are looking to invest 30,000 dollars and this big network in people who will be doing things here.”

Last Monday, the AAS voted on a motion to overturn the April 15 JC ruling regarding campaign expenditures. The motion failed to pass; twenty senators voted yes in favor of the motion, eight senators voted no and three senators abstained, meaning the motion fell just short of the three-fourths majority necessary to overturn a JC ruling.

I think that the most formative experience I’ve had so far as an international student was my time on AAS senate. In Cairo, there’s barely any form of student government present in school systems. For most schools in my hometown there’s none at all. There’s no form of student representation to the administration. However, at Amherst College, it’s different. Our student government is reflective of our diverse student body. Most senators push forward with their senate projects that aim to enhance student life at Amherst. Yet we tend to forget that.