Here is an article showcasing Latin American music that isn’t about “Despacito.” Call it North American artists exploiting Latin American sounds in yet another industry or call it cultural exchange, but these questions undoubtedly surround incredibly important issues, and for that we recommend you read Remezcla’s “A Conversation About Despacito, Justin Bieber, and the Exploitation of Latinos in the Music Industry” or Popcast’s “Latin Pop Thrives, No Bieber Required.” To center artists from across Latin America, we give you a mixture of classics and relatively new sounds in a belated summer

When I walked into a Santa Monica AMC to see the new comedy “Girls Trip,” I had just come off a long day at work at my internship in the area. I wasn’t in the mood for explosions, saving-the-world plots or quippy lines from bored, veteran movie stars clearly wishing they were somewhere else. The movie industry flooded this summer with particularly disappointing big-budget blockbusters with thin stories and little to offer besides attractive white faces and muddled CGI vomit.

An important part of keeping one’s sanity while at Amherst is remembering to get away from everything every once in a while. It’s easy to get consumed in the “Amherst Bubble,” especially in your first year. While the Office of Student Life and our plethora of student groups do provide many fun activities to do on weekends, there’s a lot of other options provided by the Five College Consortium as well as the Pioneer Valley in general. After three years at Amherst, here are some of the places I’ve frequented and some general advice on how to adventure outside of campus:

Heading into this year’s competition, the Amherst men’s golf team has plenty of reason to be optimistic. Following the team’s success in the 2016-17 season, in which the Mammoths qualified for the NESCAC Championships and placed fourth within the conference, this largely veteran group of golfers will look to capitalize on their experience this fall.

After an up and down 2016 season, the Amherst women’s volleyball team hopes that this campaign will mark a return to the form of two years ago that saw the Firedogs make it to the second round of the NCAA tournament.

With an impressive stable of upperclassmen talent and a wealth of postseason experience, Amherst has the necessary ingredients to make a return to NCAAs.

Leading the way for the Firedogs is the four-woman strong senior class of Annika Reczek, Asha Walker, Marialexa Natsis and Kate Antion.

After sending one runner to the NCAA Division III National Championship race last season, the Amherst women’s cross country team is looking to build on that success and grow stronger as a program for the 2017 season. The young squad graduated seven members of the class of 2017 and welcomed five first years to the class of 2021.

Last season, Amherst men’s tennis was frustratingly inconsistent. A roster with talent up and down the lineup played breathtaking tennis at times, nearly knocking off top-ranked Emory and posting both 10- and 11-game win streaks. However, the Mammoths also fell twice to their archrival Williams, with the latter loss ending Amherst’s season in the third round of NCAAs.