Professor Franklin Odo is the John J. McCloy ’16 Visiting Professor of American Institutions and International Diplomacy. He received his bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies from Princeton University, his master’s degree in East Asian regional studies at Harvard University and his doctorate degree on Japanese feudalism from Princeton.

Josef Trapani grew up in Connecticut. He went to the Univ. of Connecticut for his undergraduate degree, his master’s degree and his Ph.D., completing his postdoctoral research in Portland, Ore. He has published in The Journal of Neuroscience, Methods in Cell Biology, PLoS Genetics and Development. He is currently studying sensory neurobiology and zebrafish physiology.

Chemistry Professor Elizabeth Young grew up in eastern Pennsylvania. She went to Haverford College for her undergraduate degree and MIT for her Ph.D.

Professor Michael Ching hails from Cambridge, England. He completed his undergradurate degree at Cambridge University, and his Ph.D. in Mathematics at MIT. For the last few years, Ching has worked as an assistant professor at the Univeristy of Georgia.