Faculty, staff and students met for a discussion and a question-and-answer session hosted by the Presidential Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion on April 29 in Converse Hall. The event was the first time the group had addressed students in an open forum since it was created earlier this semester in response to Amherst Uprising.

Amherst admitted 1,149 of the 8,397 applicants this year for an acceptance rate of 13.7 percent, according to the office of admission. The applicant pool, which includes regular decision, early decision and Questbridge Match candidates, was smaller than last year’s record-breaking pool of 8,566.

The admissions office predicts that 40 percent of admittees will enroll at Amherst. This would allow the admission office to admit around 20 students from the waitlist to meet the total enrollment target of 472 students for the class.

Students and campus resource center staff will publish Perspectives Magazine, a new annual publication sponsored by the Women’s and Gender Center, Queer Resource Center and Multicultural Resource Center. The magazine, expected to first be released in early March, will include both personal writing by Amherst community members and information relating to issues of identity.

Professor Franklin Odo is the John J. McCloy ’16 Visiting Professor of American Institutions and International Diplomacy. He received his bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies from Princeton University, his master’s degree in East Asian regional studies at Harvard University and his doctorate degree on Japanese feudalism from Princeton.

Three Amherst College students and graduates have been accepted to the the inaugural class of the Schwarzman Scholars program at China’s Tsinghua University. Servet Bayimli ’16, Richard Altieri ’15 and Carlos Adolfo Gonzalez Sierra ’14 were informed of their acceptance in January and will be among the first members of this program.

This year’s 10 Days of Global Health, an annual series of events focusing on public health issues around the world, is adding elements that deal with campus issues in the wake of the Amherst Uprising movement. The events run from Tuesday, Dec. 1 through Friday, Dec. 11.

The series is primarily led by GlobeMed and also run by Amnesty International, Humans of Amherst, the Pride Alliance, the Student Health Educators and the Public Health Collaborative.

Students and staff met in Cole Assembly Room for a forum on the college’s mascot hosted by the Association of Amherst Students on Monday, Nov. 1. The discussion addressed the possibility of eliminating and replacing the current unofficial mascot, the Lord Jeff.

During the first hour and a half of the forum, participants discussed whether the Lord Jeff should remain Senator Sam Keaser ’17E began the discussion by reviewing the contents of a recent letter published by the senate, which announced its opposition to the Lord Jeff as unofficial mascot.