This past Saturday, the Mead Art Museum hosted its bi-annual “Community Day at the Mead.” The event featured a variety of activities designed for both young children and college students.

The event was representative of the Mead’s prioritization of community engagement with art over the traditional stuffiness associated with art museums. The Mead made its art accessible to the community by having Amherst student actors explain pieces and answer questions in a “living arts” tour during the event.

Last Friday, California-based rock band Weezer released their 11th album, “Pacific Daydream.” Fans have been anticipating — or rather dreading — this new installment in Weezer’s discography since the first single “Feels Like Summer” was released back in March. Weezer and its frontman Rivers Cuomo have a tumultuous history; the bands first two albums released in the 90’s are recognized as some of the best rock albums of the decade. After that, however, its output has ranged from pretty good to really bad.

Invisibility and marginalization are experiences that students of color in predominantly white institutions face to varying degrees. Amherst College recently has made an effort to create opportunities for students of color to speak on the exhausting experience of feeling invisible or devalued on campus. The major problem with this approach, many students find, is that it is emotionally and mentally draining to display one’s genuine pain in the hopes that a massively privileged majority will, at last, fully listen and understand.

On Oct. 21, 2014, Maryland-based rap- per Logic released his debut studio album, “Under Pressure.” It reached number four on the Billboard 200 and was eventually certified gold. Three years and two albums later, it remains Logic’s career-defining work and a stepping-stone to mainstream audience acceptance. Before making “Under Pressure,” Logic had released four mixtapes and achieved a cult status in the rap community, establishing an extremely devoted fan base located all over the world. These previous projects had featured his rhyming abilities and beats sampled from famous hip-hop songs.

Family Weekend, Nov. 3-5, is almost upon us, and although Amherst has many activities to keep everyone entertained, your family may want to see more of the area than what exists on campus. Take advantage of having a car at your disposal by checking out these spots.

Montague Bookmill
15 miles from campus
440 Greenfield Rd, Montague, Mass.

With a runtime of nearly three hours, thanks to a trio of preceding short films which explained the thirty-year interlude between it and Ridley Scott’s seminal sci-fi masterpiece, “Blade Runner: 2049” arrived at the box office with fewer profitable rip- ples than its investors would have liked. But while its commercial underperformance is nothing notable in the post-summer daze when tentpole blockbusters fall like leaves, a deeper, closer view finds that Denis Villeneuve’s recent cyberpunk outing is his third consecutive home-run follow- ing “Sicario” and “Arrival”.

After a yearlong process of selecting the Mam- moth as the new Amherst mascot, the Mascot Committee, convened by the Board of Trustees, hired the design studio Pentagram to design the actual mascot logo.