The Association of Amherst Students held an open meeting on Wednesday, March 11, in order to clarify AAS’s role in the strategic planning process. AAS President Tomi Williams ‘16 directed the meeting, which was the first of a series of discussions that are planned to reflect upon the effectiveness of AAS’s initiatives on campus.

Association of Amherst Students President Tomi Williams ’16 and the Budgetary Committee members held an open meeting on Tuesday, March 24 to discuss the current budgetary process and receive suggestions as well as feedback from the attendees. The meeting focused on how the AAS could more efficiently allocate budget to student organizations.

The Amherst College Outing Club organized a trip to Utah’s Zion National Park over spring break, part of a planned series of trips called “Out of Amherst.” The trip’s goal was to bring together students from across campus in an environment similar to the First-Year Outdoor Orientation Trips.

This was the first time since 2005 that the club has organized a major spring break trip, and the first trip to include non-Outing Club members.

Albert Joo '15 is a music and economics double major and is writing a music composition honors thesis. His thesis performance is on March 27 at 7 p.m. in Buckley Recital Hall.

Queeriosity is a biweekly column dedicated to discussing LGBTQ student life at Amherst College. If you are interested in contributing to the Queeriosity column, contact the Amherst College Queer Resource Center at

This is my first contribution to The Amherst Student and to Queeriosity, so I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to introduce myself to the whole campus. I’m Evelyn Touchette, a first-year student from Arizona. I work as an office assistant at the Queer Resource Center, and I have something to admit to you all.

It is often apparent to me that most people fear having nothing new to add to the world, of leaving an ordinary footprint. During my spring break, I stayed in the New York Loft Hostel in Brooklyn for about a week. Undeniably, New York City is a booming, living organism, and one grows sonder there, I believe, appreciating that everyone else has a story. Indeed, in an attempt to be unique, people spread out, trying to capture something personal — something that would distinguish them.

The Amherst College men’s baseball team kicked off their season with their annual spring break trip to Florida. In 12 games against some of the top Division III teams in the country, the Jeffs recorded a .500 record at 6-6.