The Social Project Work Group announced yesterday that the campus-wide vote on social clubs will be postponed until the fall semester.

The postponement is a result of feedback from many students who wanted revisions to the wording of the social clubs proposal.

“And I don’t know where to begin,” Sufjan Stevens sings in the first verse of “Carrie & Lowell,” his seventh studio album. He has taken on quite a daunting task: to honor the few remaining memories he has of his mother Carrie. She left the family when he was just one year old, but Stevens still spent three summers with her in Oregon, between the ages of 5 and 8. Now that she has passed away in a hospital bed, those summers’ stories are all he has. But what can you do with sparse memories like that? What form do they take on when they’re all that’s left of your mother?

Q: Tell us a little bit about how you got into softball as a youth and its role in your early life.

This past Saturday, May 2, the Amherst men’s rugby team went head to head with archrival Williams for the team’s last matchup of the season. The stakes were high, as the teams battled it out for glory as well as for the other team’s jerseys. Traditionally during the bi-annual Williams-Amherst matchup, the teams bet the shirts they are wearing on the outcome of the game. The warm weather provided ideal conditions, allowing the match to kick-off at 2 p.m. on Amherst’s home field.

Faculty gathered in Cole Assembly Room on Tuesday to discuss the departure of Provost Peter Uvin, implementation of a modified academic calendar beginning in 2016 and a proposal to expand pre-registration to four weeks.

The college’s mascot debate entered a new phase last month when Adrian Chan ’17 brought a petition to change the mascot to President Biddy Martin and senior administrators. The petition included signatures of 480 students, faculty and staff. In an email to the signatories, Chan announced that “a website onto which students can upload alternative mascot designs will be set up by the end of the semester,” and suggested creating a schedule that would designate an official mascot by the end of the 2015-2016 academic year.

The Amherst College men’s golf team finished their season with a second-place performance at the Little Three championships held on Wednesday, April 29 at Lyman Orchards Gold Course in Middlefield, Conn.

Competing in a 36-hole format consisting of alternating shot in the morning and match play in the afternoon, the Jeffs defeated Wesleyan 9-3 but fell 12-0 to Williams. Williams also defeated Wesleyan by a score of 12-0.