Discussions over the college’s mascot continued this week, as a group of students held a Lord Jeff Information Day, and President Biddy Martin shared her views on the mascot controversy in an interview with The Amherst Student.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Jonathan Obert received his bachelor’s degree in history and social science from Wheaton College and his master’s degree in social science and doctorate in political science from the University of Chicago. His work focuses on violence and guns in American politics.

Students and staff convened in the Multicultural Resource Center in Keefe Campus Center on Nov. 2 to discuss the ongoing search for a new chief diversity officer for the college. Bud Moseley, a search consultant with the firm Isaacson, Miller, facilitated the discussion. Moseley said the purpose of the meeting was to give him a better sense of the needs of the Amherst College community.

Most students study world events from a safe distance. Abbey Gardner ’89, however, has the habit of being exactly where history is being made. From a visit to the Soviet Union during the Gorbachev era, to the halls of the Latvian parliament during the nation’s struggle for independence, to earthquake-shattered Haiti, Gardner has both witnessed and taken part in the changing world of international affairs. Today, she works with Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary General Paul Farmer to improve aid to developing countries.

Student protesters led by the Green Amherst Project walked out of a presentation by climate skeptic and ecologist Patrick Moore on Thursday, Oct. 9. The presentation, entitled “Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout,” was sponsored by the Amherst College Republicans.

Amherst College President Biddy Martin returned to campus Friday after an extended trip to East Asia as part of the college’s effort to expand its reach in China and Korea. Martin arrived in Beijing on Monday, Sept. 22, before traveling to Hong Kong on Sept. 26 and Seoul on Sept. 30.

After none of the candidates received more than 50 percent of the vote in the first round of presidential elections, the Association of Amherst Students Elections Committee announced that a runoff election will be held on Thursday, Oct. 2.