Amherst students often discuss whether or not the athletes on this campus receive unfair advantages. The “athletes” are roped together as one group of people. However, no one ever talks about how some teams are treated far differently than others. I could conduct a meta-analysis and go through the perks that each and every team receives—but no one would actually read that.

The Amherst Association of Students Senate voted on Feb. 16 to reject an amendment proposed by the Amherst College Republicans that would expand the Budgetary Committee’s non-discrimination clause.

The motion was proposed to the AAS as a means of preventing what some described as discriminatory voting by senators in allocating funding for organizations.

“The proposed amendment takes the language directly from the Amherst Honor Code,” said Robert Lucido ’15, president of the Amherst College Republicans, who proposed the amendment.

Discussions over the college’s mascot continued this week, as a group of students held a Lord Jeff Information Day, and President Biddy Martin shared her views on the mascot controversy in an interview with The Amherst Student.

The women’s ice hockey team capped off a long regular season this weekend with a win and a loss against Bowdoin. Their win on Saturday, 4-3 and loss on Sunday, 3-2, left the Jeffs with a 16-4-4 record for the regular season. In addition, the Jeffs remained second in the highly competitive NESCAC with a record of 10-3-3 behind rival Middlebury. Coming into the last weekend of the season, the Jeffs knew they would have to execute their game with few mistakes, as Bowdoin is a talented team.

This past week, boxing fans were delighted to hear the news that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao had finally agreed to terms for a fight in May. This ends the almost six-year period that fans have waited for a fight between two of the greatest pound-for-pound boxers of all time. According to Pacquiao and Mayweather, a chance meeting at a Miami Heat game was a key factor in reopening the negotiations. In the past, disputes concerning revenue split and drug testing were the biggest obstacles in the way of one of the most-anticipated fights of the modern era.

The Amherst men’s squash team competed in the MCSA National Team Championships Feb. 20-22. The 24th-ranked Lord Jeffs team competed in the Summers Cup (C Division) hosted by Wesleyan.

The tournament opened on Friday with the Jeffs playing against NESCAC rival No. 17 Middlebury. The purple and white fell to the Panthers 8-1 in their second matchup of the season.

Don Faulstick has been appointed the college’s next athletic director, President Biddy Martin announced last week. The decision follows an extensive selection process by a search committee headed by Psychology Professor Catherine Sanderson.