Professor Collin Raymond taught economics at University of Oxford before coming to Amherst. his academic focus is the intersection of psychology and economics.

Students and staff met in Cole Assembly Room for a forum on the college’s mascot hosted by the Association of Amherst Students on Monday, Nov. 1. The discussion addressed the possibility of eliminating and replacing the current unofficial mascot, the Lord Jeff.

During the first hour and a half of the forum, participants discussed whether the Lord Jeff should remain Senator Sam Keaser ’17E began the discussion by reviewing the contents of a recent letter published by the senate, which announced its opposition to the Lord Jeff as unofficial mascot.

The Social Project Work Group met with the Office of Student Affairs on Oct. 23 to work out plans for the upcoming social club trial period. The meeting followed the Oct. 5 vote in which 64 percent of the student body voted in favor of holding the trial period.

“To have 1,200 students actually vote was huge,” said Dean of Students Alex Vasquez. The four classes were almost equally represented in the vote.

“The point of the discussion was to lay out a general timeline for implementing the clubs by next semester,” said Tom Sommers ’16, a member of the work group.

Signs bearing messages such as “Respect is an actual compliment” and “I am more than just my body” were placed along Route 9 last week as part of a campaign by the Peer Advocates of Sexual Respect to stop street harassment near campus. Over the course of the week, all but one of the signs went missing.

Design plans for the college’s new science center are set to be finalized in the coming weeks. The facilities department held information sessions on the plans and designs of the new center in Valentine Dining Hall, Merrill Science Center and Lewis-Sebring Commons over the past week. At these information sessions, facilities presented a model of the center, and project architects were available to answer students’ questions.

I am a self-proclaimed TV junkie, and I can’t get through a week without getting my television fix on Hulu. Fall is a particularly critical season for primetime television as old favorites return with the intent to outdo earlier seasons, and new shows are queued up to be devoured or rejected by TV viewers. As most shows are now mid-season, it is time to separate the weak from the strong in this year’s fall lineup.

As of yet, the Minnesota-based band Hippo Campus has not released a full-length album. However, the band’s recently released EPs titled “Bashful Creatures” and “South” are providing fans with enough to tide them over until a full-length effort is released.