The invention of tabbed browsing has made surfing the web quite a bit easier. With screen real estate being a limited resource on our portable machines (and often even on larger ones), managing multiple web pages using tabs provides a convenient solution. After all, browsing is often synonymous with multitasking: we keep our mailbox open while reading an article or keep Pandora on in the background as we fire up Facebook.

The men’s indoor track team won three events en route to a sixth-place finish at the New England Div. III Championships. Twenty-four schools competed at Springfield on Saturday, with Bates placing first.

For many people, this coming May marks the end of an era. “Desperate Housewives,” a show that has been running since 2004, is currently on its eighth and final season. Viewers who have stuck with the show since the beginning are used to story arcs that involve deceit, secrecy, murder, angst, sex and almost comical levels of drama. This current season is no exception. During the finale of the seventh season, Gabrielle Solis’ sexually abusive stepfather, who is supposed to be dead, pays her a visit.

This spring will mark the fifth year that Amherst has partnered up with the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation to change the lives of children with pediatric brain tumors and the fourth annual Friends of Jaclyn Walk/Run to raise funds for the foundation.

After dropping into the consolation bracket of the CSA National Team Championships, the men’s squash team won its final two games of the season to capture the Summers’ Cup (C-Division) consolation prize.

In the opening match of the Jeffs’ tournament, Amherst fell to No. 23-ranked Colby Mules by a score of 2-7. At the Pioneer Valley Invitational earlier in the season (Jan. 22), the Jeffs had squeaked past the Mules, 5-4.

Last Saturday, the San Antonio Spurs visited the Los Angeles Clippers in a meeting of Western Conference frontrunners. It was, by all accounts, your typical NBA game. At least, it looked that way for 47 minutes and 50 seconds.

But, oh. How a game can change.