The Amherst men’s ice hockey team had two tough conference games this weekend against Conn. College and Tufts at home in Orr Rink.

Though the Jeffs finished the weekend with two 1-1 ties, the team extended their unbeaten streak to 11 straight games, continuing their strong play during the month of February.


The 22nd-ranked Amherst men’s squash traveled to Harvard this past weekend to compete in the 2014 College Squash Association Team Championships.

Amherst competed in the Summers Cup, the Division C bracket, where they were seeded fifth out of eight teams. In the first round of play, the Jeffs fell to 19th-ranked Brown University, 7-2.

The trunk of your car. Do you even know what’s in it? Maybe some random clothes that you’ve been too lazy to move for months, or a shovel for the endless mountains of snow in the tennis courts parking lot. I’m guessing that for most of us, stuff of little to no importance that just sits there. Well, I have a confession: The trunk of my car is pretty much full and I know exactly what’s in it. And it’s kind of weird: flour, sugar, cookie sheets, measuring cups, pretty much an entire assortment of baking items to make up the most basic (portable) kitchen.

The Amherst women’s swimming and diving team traveled to Williams this weekend in hopes of defending their NESCAC title.

“We were really excited going into NESCACs this year,” said captain Allison Merz ’14. “Championship season is when the hard work we put in from September through January pays off, so it’s always exciting. We worked really hard this year, and we’re definitely fired up heading into the weekend.”

Asexuality is invisible. It isn’t discussed; it’s not on TV, teenagers can’t learn about it in health class. The people who have heard of it usually doubt that it’s even real. I haven’t come out to many people at home. I’ll hint at it, dip my toes into the water — as a senior in high school I told my best friends. I mentioned it to my mother. None of them really believed me. Surrounded by people who had come out to their families, it was strange to realize that I couldn’t just tell people the truth and have them accept it at face value, the way my friends could.