Assistant Professor of English Amelia Worsley grew up in Wolverhampton, England and studied English at Selwyn College, Cambridge. She received her master’s degree from Brown and her Ph.D from Princeton.

Taylor Penzel ’15, Psychology and Spanish double major, is writing her senior thesis about children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and how they perceive their own social and academic competence. Her advisor is Professor Julia McQuade.

Washington Post journalist and best-selling author Bob Woodward spoke to a full house inside Johnson Chapel on Tuesday night. Woodward spoke about Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and other presidents in a talk entitled “Presidential Leadership from Nixon to Obama.”

“Having tried to understand presidents and politics for more than four decades, I think there is a conclusion that I want to reach,” Woodward began. “We need to think about politics in a new way, which means thinking about ourselves and why we do things and who we are if we are going to get out of the jam that we’re in.”

Last week the college announced several staffing changes within the Office of Student Affairs.

In an email to the campus community, Dean of Students Alex Vasquez and Chief Student Affairs Officer Suzanne Coffey introduced the new staff members. Demitrius Brown is the new Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Life. Leykia Brill will serve as the Associate Director for Student Activities and Engagement. Corry Colonna is the new Associate Director for Residential Life, and Laura Laver and Michael Vidal are the two new Area Coordinators.

The Association of Amherst Students announced this week that a new round of presidential elections will take place on Thursday, Sept. 25.

The Powerhouse officially opened its doors to the student community on Friday with an afternoon open house event. Hors d’oeuvres and ambient music accompanied a constant flow of students and other onlookers. Over 300 members of the Amherst community attended the event to observe the spacious, rugged building. On Saturday night, the Powerhouse put on an entirely different face with the Wings ’n’ Things Postgame, where students rushed through the supply of late-night snacks and the hall became a wide, colorfully lit dance floor.

Sweaty bodies and the grungy death wish appeal of the socials definitely have a home in the hearts of many Amherst students, but the Powerhouse brings new and exciting possibilities to the college’s social scene. By bridging excitement and a semblance of human dignity, the Powerhouse could serve as the new party scene on campus.