I started my mornings around 7:15 this summer and with the hottest shower I could achieve in Newport House. While others might have found this heat to be excessive during a muggy Massachusetts summer in a college dorm without air conditioning, I needed it. As the heat rolled down my body, I stretched, preparing my muscles for another day chock full of physical labor at Book and Plow farm.

My roommates have a list of restaurants to visit in Northampton. They believe they’ve seen it all in Amherst and feel restless, thirsty for a new experience. Sadly, Nemo and the requisite driving ban forced them to stay local. However, this setback allowed me to introduce them to a spot of novelty in Amherst, proving that they have yet to fully explore and exploit the town.

A few mornings ago, I awoke yearning for the real deal breakfast, one that included a large stack of fluffy, cinnamon-y slabs of French toast or maybe light, puffy pancakes drizzled — or even better, dripping — with real maple syrup. I had dreamt of this breakfast throughout interterm, a period bereft of pancakes, waffles and French toast.

Julia Edholm ’15 and Julia Pearson ’15
Contributing Writers

Everyone knows that Amherst College has beautiful first-year dorms. Campus tour guides walk prospective students through the entrance of Charles Pratt because they are well aware that the hardwood floors and wood trim will make a striking impression on young high school students. Equipped with hotel-like amenities and daily cleaning services, there is just one thing missing … an actual kitchen.