1. Explore Amherst and beyond. Northampton is amazingly diverse, with great food, shopping and art. The other four colleges all have great things to offer, along with a good change of pace from what can be monotonous Amherst life. Check out our maps and suggestions in the A&L section.

2. Avoid Val During Peak Hours. Val gets crowded at noon, after practices get out and especially right after First-Year Seminars.

In this week’s Editorial, The Student would first like to say a few words in appreciation of the time and effort that the AAS put into organizing multiple late night dining options, either in Keefe or Val. We thank you for your dedication to the student body, and we feel that it would be most meaningful to our staff if we could extend our gratitude.

Last week saw intense drama regarding a possible scandal in the AAS E-Board elections; the details of the incident, now notorious amongst the student body, do not need to be repeated here. While The Student would like to refrain from commenting directly on the incident until the Judicial Council releases its official verdict due this Thursday, we would like to talk about a related topic that students raised both in reference to our recent article and in the past: accusations that The Student is biased, sensationalist or lacking journalistic integrity.

This Monday, the AAS Elections Committee hosted Speech Night for Executive Board hopefuls running in the elections this Thursday. Candidates for all the top positions on student government outlined their platforms: five of those speakers will guide and shape the direction the Senate will take over the next academic year.

A worrying refrain among the comments on The Student’s website during the recent debates on heated issues on campus was that The Student should have censored or “hacked off” certain student voices, believing them to be irrational or offensive.

At last night’s AAS Senate meeting, the mental health task force came to discuss the state of Amherst students’ mental health and well-being. Remarkably, no one was surprised to hear that much of the student body had significant stress-related issues. The students attending the meeting are our peers, so they understand the stress students face on campus. Most of us, as high achieving students, don’t bat an eyelid as we continue to add more and more to the ever-growing to-do lists we accumulate through classes, sports, and other activities.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a large number of heated debates sparking around campus — most of them starting with, or popularized through articles that appeared on The Student website. These articles have not just received a large number of views and comments but have people talking everywhere from Facebook to Val.