Areej Hasan ’18

I would absolutely adore representing the class of 2018 in the senate. Not only will I listen to your concerns, but I will also do everything in my power to implement corresponding changes. Teamwork is key to accomplishing anything. So, if you elect me as your senator, I will work with the other senators, the staff, and the administration to actually put your ideas to work, rather than vaguely talk about accomplishing them. Even though we are all still figuring out Amherst, I think we can work together to improve student life. Vote Areej for senate!

Class of 2015

Peter Crane
Hi everybody! I've had the luck to serve this student body for three years in the AAS, and want to go above and beyond in serving you next year. Our campus faces many challenges, but with the right positive attitude and focus we can together get things done. Please feel free to send me a message, approach me on campus, or find my information detailed record and platform online. Thanks so much — stay classy, Amherst.

Class of 2014

Jacob Hoffstein
Brevity is the soul of wit.